Designed to complement your child's natural developmental stages

gems education young kids working together in classroom

Natural learning

The Little GEMS curriculum is based around the way children naturally learn; they acquire knowledge, develop skills and improve their understanding, applying what they have learned to new situations. In particular, the curriculum was developed with 7 key learning areas in mind:

  1. Understanding the world: the provision of opportunities to explore, observe and find out about people, places, technology and the environment helps young minds understand the world.

  2. Literacy: providing an environment that is rich in stories, rhymes, print and board books encourages a love for reading; children begin to use phonics to read and spell, learn to negotiate irregular words and go from simple mark-making to writing words.

  3. Physical development: opportunities for the development of balance, coordination and control help children learn the importance of physical activity and making healthy choices.

  4. Personal, social and emotional development: a supportive environment helps children develop confidence and form positive relationships.

  5. Communication and language: children listen to sounds and speech in a variety of situations and respond appropriately; they learn to follow instructions and are able to answer questions about their experiences.

  6. Mathematics: opportunities to explore and solve practical problems allows children to apply and develop their counting, measuring and shape-recognition skills as well as to use the four fundamental operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

  7. Expressive arts and design: a range of activities based around art, music, dance, role play and design technology enable children to explore their ideas and feelings using a variety of media and materials.

Continuous assessment ensures each child’s learning pathway is closely monitored.

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