Helping young learners progress

At Little GEMS, we use principles and practices defined by child development theories and research. As part of this approach, we allow children to use technology and interactive digital media in selected settings. But by ‘technology’ we do not simply mean computers. 

In line with the research that underpins the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, we believe it’s important that children recognise that a range of technology is used in places like schools and homes. By encouraging children to speculate about why things happen and how things work we help them to use such technology safely.

Children show an interest in manipulating buttons, flaps and simple mechanisms from a surprisingly early age. We incorporate simple mechanical toys and familiar domestic items into the learning environment such as:

  • push-pull toys
  • construction kits
  • toy electronic keyboards
  • cameras
  • phones
  • headphones
  • tablets 
  • computers 
  • age-appropriate software 

Ask your local Little GEMS about the technology that is incorporated into their learning environments such as:

  • Smart Boards and LED boards - these offer access to up-to-date research materials as well as a convenient means for team members to provide a range of fun activities

  • iPads - these help children connect with technology from a very early age and encourage enquiry-based learning through structured activities and programmes